Red Haired Models/Actresses Photos

 WOAH, I have loooong since posted here. But I think I'm coming back :) 

Anyway to start off I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a community with models/actresses with red hair? :D Help would be much appreciated ^-^ 


Gossip Girl HQ pictures?

Is it me or are the pictures on fansites getting smaller and smaller than before? 

Anyway, would anyone know where I might find a place with pictures of the gossip girl cast (prefferably) without watermarks

My Birthday...?

It was my birthday yesterday (August 2nd) and I don't know.
It was supposed to feel like my day. It was supposed to feel special, but It didn't.

Actually, I felt kind of ignored. Like my friends remembered but didn't care that much.

2 weeks ago, it was the birthday of another friend of mine. All the girls in our clique made a poster and had everyone sign greetings on it for her. But when it came to me it was like they didn't really seem to care. I don't even think they would have said anything if it wasn't for another friend of mine, who remembered. I think they REALLY forgot.

And as the day went on, I thought they were going to like, jump up behind me and tell me they were all joking and show me how much they really cared. But they never did.

I felt sad. It was such a crappy birthday.

Everyone else in the school greeted me: Seniors, the other Juniors (outside my clique), some Sophomores, people from my old school, faculty, ex-faculty, my old childhood friend...
I would have been really happy if not for the fact that my own friends just ignored me. What the fuck?!

My birthday was nothing special. It was just like any other day. It sucked.


My new wishlist for any and all occasions.

***** -> most wanted

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (book 7!!!)********************************
♥ The full original Harry Potter DVD collection
♥ Book Seven ( 7 ) of Daughters of the Moon (DotM)
♥ Book One (1) of Sons of the Dark (SotD - and it's following books)
♥ Book One (1) of Sisters of Isis (SoS - and it's following books)
♥ My own personal webspace/website
♥ A Digital Camera ********
♥ A Soccer Ball *******
♥ A Tablet
♥ Drawing skills. *******
♥ Chace Crawford ****** (LMAO)
♥ A Paid LJ account *****

Email Notifications

Why aren't I getting anymore email notifications on replies on comments that I've made?!

The only time I've ever get notifications is when I subscribe to an entry ("track this") so, of course my message center becomes flooded with unecessary comments from other people I don't want to get alerts from.

LJ is not sending me the notifications when someone replies to my comment at a community anymore.

How do they expect me to remember every single comment I make?

PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP! FAQ ain't helping either... :(

My room, A scene from "The Reaping"

Yesterday was a good day. School was out early, played a little game of soccer, then sat down for a little heart-to-heart chat with a couple of my batchmates, then played some more soccer to get me out of that funk.

Yep, it was a good day.

But I guess I spoke too soon.

While I was on my computer, those little flying bugs that get attracted to light kept zooming around my room. I got a flyswatter and killed the little things but then, while I was smashing one little bugger dead, I found more of them attacking my screened window, trying to get in.

The next thing I knew, I my room was being invaded by those bee-like buggers. They were pouring out from a hole in my window screen. I swear, it was like a scene from one of those horror shows like "The Reaping".

Suddenly, my room was flooded with those insects (which looked much more frightening in groups, by the way). I closed my monitor, shut off my light and got out of there before those things started getting all evil-like and started attacking me for real.

A few minutes later, it was pandemonium. They were flying EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING. No longer was it LIKE a scene from "The Reaping", it WAS the scene from "The Reaping"

Needless to say, I had to sleep in my parents room (which was also beginning to get attacked, so I had to sleep early because everything had to be turned off). For a second there, I thought I was going to be hunted down by those things.

My request post is still OPEN, people. So PLEASE REQUEST! --> Here

Slow month

I'm terribly sorry for my lack of updates (and my lack of icons as promised in the request post) but school has already begun for me and it is taking up so much of my time. I'm really sorry if things will be slow around here but I promise i'll still be updating with more stuff. Just let me get through my enormous workload first.

HELP!! wtf LJ?

WTF is wrong with LJ? Is there some memo I didn't get? Because I'm not getting my email alerts whenever someone replies to a comment I've posted on their entry, I'm not getting email alerts when someone posts a comment on one of my communities either.

The only alerts I get is from the message center, when someone posts a comment on THIS journal.

The reason why this is a problem for me is because when I ask something important, I can never get back to it as soon as it has a reply!!! So it's either I forget about it or I can no longer find the entry.

Has something changed around here that I really have no clue about? 0.0 Why have all the email alerts for replies/comments gone missing?


on a lighter note, I put up an icon request post over at seo_creatives here